Fostering the deployment of Renewable Energy in Ethiopia: a Sustainable Roadmap

October 3rd - 4th, 2017 – Sheraton Hotel  Addis Ababa

About the event

After the launch of RES4Africa in Kenya in 2016, the program now expands to include Ethiopia through an official launch in Addis Ababa. The conference aims to highlight renewable energy markets, foster a dialogue between local stakeholders and RES4Africa members, and generate a deeper understanding of local needs to propose concrete solutions. This event will bring together public and private sector stakeholders from Europe and Eastern Africa to discuss lessons learned and identify remaining gaps, challenges and emerging issues for a smooth deployment of renewable energy in Ethiopia.

The conference will touch upon the key topics for a sustainable renewable energy market development, such as policy and regulatory frameworks, scaling up investments, financing solutions and new business models, technological and technical issues, industrial development and the role of capacity building and technical training in unlocking the renewable energy potential of Ethiopia. The event aims to generate a deeper understanding of local needs and present a set of matching and innovative solutions.

Who we are

Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa - RES4Africa - is a network of key international energy stakeholders - utilities, industries, agencies, technical service providers and academia - engaged in promoting clean tech solutions in the Sub- Saharan African continent. Its mission is to support the deployment of renewable energy, both large scale and distributed energy, energy efficiency solutions and their integration in the local and regional markets to satisfy local energy needs. RES4Africa encourages the set-up of partnership formulas to provide decision makers with the viewpoint of the private sector and to stimulate investment opportunities along the entire supply chain through networking activities for market operators, industry associations and other key stakeholders.

The Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) was launched as one of the eight strategic partnerships of the Africa-EU Joint Strategy (JAES) by the African and European Heads of State during the 2007 Second EU-Africa Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. The AEEP is an established forum for high-level political dialogue between Europe and Africa, and it has performed as an instrumental agenda-setter in African-European cooperation on energy issues as well as contribution at the international scene. The AEEP’s overall objective is to increase the effectiveness of efforts to secure reliable and sustainable energy services and extend their access on both continents, enhance access to modern energy services and expand renewable energy and energy efficiency in Africa.