Innovative Business Models to Power Africa: Distributed Renewable Energy Generation and Aggregation Platforms to Peer-to-peer Trading

Graphic credits: PriceWaterhouseCoopers publication “Blockchain: Exploring the disruptive potential of decentralized storage and peer to peer transactions in the energy industry”

Innovation represents the main driver that enables the energy sector to provide efficient, affordable and reliable solutions to advance energy access and catalyse sustainable economic development. RES4MED’s approach involves matching innovative technological solutions, sustainable business models and capable players through strategic partnerships to scale up investments into projects and initiatives that deliver clean, a ordable and reliable electricity to communities and businesses.

RES4MED issued a white paper presenting the potentialities of innovative business models focused on the implementation of aggregation and trading platforms based on blockchain technology. These innovative business models aim to boost electricity consumption and provide communities with better access to electricity, storage, sustainable cooking systems and the possibility to exchange and trade energy on a peer-to-peer rewarding basis.

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