Unlocking Value from Sustainable Renewable Energy”, RES4Med&Africa’s first flagship publication, was presented during the 2018 Annual Conference, held in Rome on the 22nd of June.

This publication, the first of a series of annual features that will focus on specific key priorities and themes about Africa’s sustainable energy future, aims at showing how renewable energy projects can create real value in the African context. Gathering insights from RES4Med&Africa’s members and partners, it highlights challenges and offers solutions based on multiple perspectives, as the authors share their points of view based on their areas of expertise.

Renewable energy is the backbone of Africa’s economic and social sustainable development. Access to renewable energy – from large-scale power plants to mini-grids and decentralized solutions – is fundamental to accelerate Africa’s socioeconomic transformation, which enables poverty reduction, environmental protection, action on climate change, improvement in health and living standards, whilst creating opportunities for entrepreneurship, empowering women and improving education.

With its flagship publication, RES4Med&Africa also intends to offer its contribution to the international debate surrounding the United Nation’s 7th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG7)“Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”.