RES4Africa Program Launch in Zambia

Enhancing the Renewable Energy Transition in Zambia

Lusaka, Zambia - 27-28 November

RES4Africa, with the support of many partners, organizes a regional conference which will take place on 27-28 November in Lusaka, Zambia, to enable a dialogue on the latest insights for the deployment of RE solutions in Zambia. The event is tailored towards building on the ongoing policy dialogue, and scaling existing networks for companies to connect and form partnerships. The conference will include partners from key African markets, and will gather relevant international and African stakeholders such as IFI’s, manufacturers, institutional actors, international organizations, academia, and civil society to enable a comprehensive discussion.

Following its mission, RES4Africa aims to create an enabling environment for renewable energy investments in Sub-Saharan Africa markets. In particular, in Zambia RES4Africa would try to support the transition to auction programs, that is already started as showed by Scaling Solar and GetFit Programs, and the integration into the grid of huge non-programmable renewable energy sources present in the country.

RES4Africa Program Launch 2018 in Zambia is designed as a country conference with implication and connection with all the countries of Southern-Africa region. The conference will shed light on key topics for renewable energy deployment such as policy mechanism to enhance sustainable and bankable projects, technological and technical issues on and off-grid, capacity building and socio-economic benefits to local economies. The B2B sessions, that will take place in parallel to the conference, will be an opportunity for local and international companies to connect and foster new business opportunities and partnership with our members.

As a side event of the Zambia Program Launch, RES4Africa will also be holding the “Workshop on Mini-Grid Technologies” technical workshop, developed following the success of the Micro Grid Academy in Kenya and the strong interest RES4Africa received from UNDP for organising a similar workshop focusing on the Zambian context.

The official launch was proceded by the "Workshop on non-dispatchable renewable energies integration into the grid" which took place in Lusaka on 5-6 September. Developed in partnership with ZESCO, Zambia’s electricity utility company, and with the support of RES4Africa members CESIEnel Green Power and Terna, aimed at training 35 managers and technicians from ZESCO, the Ministry of Energy of Zambia and Energy Regulatory Body (ERB).