ORIGINATE: supporting the development of decentralized Renewable Energy solutions across Africa by aggregating project and industry operators’ data

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Originate is an initiative conceived by RINA and RES4Africa to improve the project origination process for decentralised Renewable Energy solutions by aggregating opportunities across Africa, streamlining development, and applying standards in line with technical, commercial, environmental and social requirements of development funding institutions.

In the form of a match making platform, Originate aims at creating a practical tool for screening renewable energy projects across Africa, an effective initiative to foster the local sustainable development.

Africa is a very fragmented continent, and project development can be extremely complex due to the lack of information about local context and policies. Originate intends to fill this gap by collecting such information from developers and stakeholders, and share it with a network of industry operators who can provide valuable support in feasibility assessment and definition of the business model to foster projects delivery.

Decentralized energy solutions in Africa are developed under a variety of business models, depending on the ownership, size, customer and local context. Originate was born from the need of RES4Africa members to identify sustainable investment opportunities.

Identification of creditworthy off-takers and secure revenue streams is fundamental for the solidity of any project, therefore accurate collection of information about the local context is essential for the definition of the business model.

Originate intends to create a reliable data and market information base to give access to project opportunities, enable informed decisions on policies, site assessments, investment opportunities and design of delivery mechanisms. Data and information will be made available and accessible to market actors through the platform.

Originate has been presented on 14 March 2018 at the 4th ARE Energy Access Investment Forum in Sicily. By the end of April, Originate will be live with a launching page will open a section to collect the data of the organisations that are active in this field, ranging from private sector to NGOs and international institutions, making them publicly visible. The platform will officially go live during this year’s RES4MED & Africa Annual Conference on 22 June 2018, in Rome.

The project’s long-term ambition is to become an effective tool that supports international funding institutions in the identification and screening of quality projects, applying standards in line with technical, environmental and social requirements of the lenders, thus streamlining the project development process.

Visit the Originate website

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