Elettrici Senza Frontiere will provide stable electricity to an Angolan hospital

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Elettrici Senza Frontiere (ESFI) has announced it will provide technical support to Medici con l’Africa – CUAMM in a hospital in Chiulo, Angola. Inspections are being carried out and the project will be finished by the end of the summer.

Elettrici Senza Frontiereis a non-profit organization, member of the RES4MED&Africa network, committed to improving the living conditions of populations all around the world. The association actively works in an international environment, joining forces with other solidarity organizations helping with humanitarian actions and education programs for disadvantaged populations. In this occasion, it has committed to creating a new and stable electric network for the Chiulo hospital.

The hospital is a vital service for the area, as it serves nearly 300.000 people and provides 24/7 A&E. In 2016 it counted nearly 20.000 ambulatorial visits, more than 17.500 vaccinations, nearly 5.000 prenatal visits and more than 1.500 births. CUAMM has been present in the hospital, which is owned by the Ondjva parish and is funded by the Angolan government, since 2000, and is involved mainly in projects that aim at reducing infant and maternal mortality. However, the hospital is not supplied by a stable and reliable electric network, which represents a problem, especially in the operating rooms.

For this reason, ESFI decided to provide its support by sending two highly-skilled technicians. After an inspection, the two technicians will elaborate a plan in order to provide the hospital with a full electrification of the building, the installation of solar panels and a battery-powered storage system. In this way, the hospital will be able to provide a more efficient and safe service, improving the lives of its patients and therefore raising their quality of life.

On 17 April the project has been presented at Enel Green Piwer’s Cascade event in Rome. Felice Egidi, President of Elettrici Senza Frontiere, gave an overview of the work of the association in over 30 countries, highlighting the importance of volunteering within the private sector and the crucial role of cooperation towards sustainability. Nino Cirrincione, RES4Africa collaborator and volunteer at ESFI, stated that “Gigawatts are only numbers, the importance of a company is given by its people: the people at ESFI and the cooperation work that they do, really makes sustainability a more concrete concept”.

If you want to support this project you can consider a donation towards Elettrici Senza Frontiere. Click here to learn more.