RES4Africa supports Zambia’s renewable energy transition officially launching its programme in a two-days conference

RES4Africa launches its program in Zambia during a two-day regional conference titled “Enhancing non-programmable renewable energy transition in Zambia”, which is held in Lusaka on 27-28 November. Organised in collaboration with many partners, the conference gathers more than 250 participants from international and African stakeholders such as government representatives, international organizations, private sector actors, IFI’s, academia and other institutional actors, and aims to assess progress made, foster further dialogue and discuss best practices for effective renewable energy deployment in the country.

Zambia, as many African countries, is rich in terms of renewable energy sources, in particular hydro and solar. However, people in remote areas lack access to electricity, with an electrification rate ranging between 4% and 5% in some rural zones. Following the consequences of climate change such as strong periods of droughts, Zambia is looking to differentiate its energy generation mix dominated by hydropower. Renewable energy plays a key role towards the country’s sustainable and reliable energy system, assuring the security and quality of supply.

RES4Africa’s Zambia Program Launch is designed as a country conference with a regional Southern-African focus, and sheds light on key topics for renewable energy deployment such as policy mechanisms to enhance sustainable and bankable renewable energy projects, technological and technical issues for on and off-grid renewable energy solutions, capacity building and socio-economic benefits to local economies. The event also aims to enable dialogue on the deployment of renewable energy solutions in Zambia, and therefore includes B2B sessions which take place in parallel to the conference, providing the opportunity for local and international companies to connect and foster new business opportunities and partnerships.

After the launch of RES4Africa in Kenya in 2016, followed by Ethiopia in 2017, Zambia is the focus of 2018. “Energy generation in Zambia is almost entirely based on hydro power. Investing in solar and wind power solutions would allow the country to diversify its electricity generation mix, contributing to a more resilient electrical system and fostering the achievement of electrification goals” said Antonio Cammisecra, CEO of Enel Green Power and President of RES4Med&Africa. “Milestone events like RES4Africa’s country launch provide the opportunity to enhance the relationship and the ongoing discussion with the stakeholders in Africa”.

The conference institutionalises the growing relationship between RES4Africa and Zambia. “We’re officially launching our program in Zambia today, but our collaboration has been ongoing for some time now: in September we held a “Workshop on non-dispatchable renewable energies integration into the grid” in partnership with ZESCO, which can be considered preliminary to the launch. Even our Micro-Grid Academy, which is usually based in Kenya, is holding the first of its itinerant sessions in Lusaka this week as a side event of the conference” states Roberto Vigotti, Secretary General of RES4Med&Africa, “So today, we institutionalise our relationship with Zambia, looking forward to the upcoming collaborations”.

As an outcome of the event, RES4Africa releases position papers that support the agenda topics with concrete recommendations for the way forward. The conference, B2Bs, light exhibition and position papers are part of RES4Africa’s approach to foster public-private partnerships in Zambia as an essential component to develop the country’s energy systems. Through its work in Zambia, RES4Africa aims to pave the way for investments to accelerate the country’s renewable energy transition.

All proceedings are available at the dedicated webpage.