RES4Med&Africa and UN Environment sign a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop capacity building and water-energy-food nexus initiatives

On 14 December RES4Med&Africa and UN Environment signed a Memorandum of Understanding to institutionalise their ongoing collaboration.

RES4Med&Africa and UN Environment’s collaboration began in April with the second Micro-Grid Academy training, a regional capacity building platform that provides theoretical and practical training on access to energy and decentralised renewable energy solutions to young East-African and international technicians, entrepreneurs and engineers. The April session included 20 women selected by UN Environment from the Africa Women Energy Entrepreneurs Framework (AWEEF), a platform that empowers women entrepreneurs as main stakeholders across the energy value chain.

RES4Med&Africa and UN Environment aim at developing and promoting economic, scientific and technical cooperation in the field of renewable energy, in line with Sustainable Development Goal n° 7; furthermore, both organizations identify renewable energy as a key enabling factor for the sustainable development of African countries. Through this MoU, the two organizations institutionalise further collaboration, with a particular focus on training and capacity building projects which will include the Micro-Grid Academy in particular, but also other renewable energy training programmes for representatives of institutions and local stakeholders, joint pilot and validation projects in the renewable energy sector, and joint conferences, studies, and communication initiatives.

A particular focus will be given to the water-energy-food nexus, which indicates these three sectors — water, energy and food — as inextricably linked. The WEF Nexus is also the main theme RES4Med&Africa’s 2019 activities.

“We are very glad to sign this MoU with UN Environment, which follows the MoU with UNECA and the letter of intent with the African Union that we signed less than two months ago. These partnership agreements confirm that RES4Med&Africa is a credible and reliable interlocutor in the international renewable energy sector” states Roberto Vigotti, Secretary General of RES4Med&Africa, “We therefore look forward to collaborating soon with our new partner, both on the Micro-Grid Academy – of which the next session will be in January – and all the other projects we are working on”.