International benchmark for auction programs and project finance
in the renewable energy sector

5-6 March, 2019
Capital Hotel, Addis Ababa

RES4Africa will lead an executive training focused on an international benchmark for auction programs and project finance in the renewable energy sector. RES4Africa strongly believes that changes in policy mechanisms can unlock the great renewable energy potential of Ethiopia and simultaneously enhance international competition, as well as lower the price of electricity for the final consumers.

Thanks to the support and cooperation of RES4Africa’s network, the executive training will shed light on the crucial steps for the preparation of international tenders, including the document procedures and offer evaluations.

An international benchmark will be useful to better understand the best practices in the sector and develop competitive auction programs for the country. A presentation on risk assessment and appropriate mitigation measures in conjunction with presentations on project finance and asset management will provide a strong knowledge foundation to ensure an effective and sustainable execution of renewable energy projects.

The training course will also examine in depth both the permitting process and the site selection that are a fundamental step to ensure a clear and transparent tendering process, and it will further introduce international best practices to guarantee the competitiveness of future PPAs and the key levers for developing a local value.