Formal transition to RES4Africa Foundation after approval by General Assembly

Rome, 7 June 2019 – RES4Med&Africa transitions from association to RES4Africa Foundation today following the legal endorsement by its members during the 2nd General Assembly meeting of 2019. BonelliErede, the international law firm with offices in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and a member of the foundation, advised RES4Africa on its transitioning towards a foundation with a team led by Gianpiero Succi, the partner spearheading the development of the practice in both Ethiopia and other Sub-Saharan African jurisdictions. The new legal status was announced by its President, Antonio Cammisecra, and Secretary General, Roberto Vigotti.

The initiative for transitioning towards a Foundation follows the successful 7-year track record of RES4Med, born in 2012 to promote renewable energy in the Southern-Mediterranean countries. In 2016, members decided to expand RES4Med’s scope to Sub-Saharan Africa in light of the sub-continent’s vast renewable energy potential. After broadening its scope geographically and activity-wise, RES4Med&Africa consolidated multiple high-level partnerships and presence in international RE initiatives. A rationale for transitioning to a more international, high-level and formal shape motivated the step towards a Foundation.

Building on its successes and committed with accelerating Africa’s energy transition, RES4Africa Foundation is compelled to consolidate its strategic positioning by scaling up its public role, and to strengthen and expand partnerships with SDG mission driven multilateral, bilateral and development organizations as well as with private Foundations and academic institutions in Europe and in Africa.

RES4Africa Foundation takes further the legacy of RES4Med&Africa, including its operational model, partner networks, flagship activities, and mission to create enabling environments for RE investments in Africa. This new status will consolidate RES4Africa Foundation’s profile, enhance its credibility and ease-up cooperation while strengthening the nature of its partnerships through a stronger mission perception. The RES4Africa Foundation will work as an umbrella organization that embraces its Program in the Mediterranean countries, South Africa, and Sub-Saharan African countries.

The new legal status foresees a review of its membership categories, including a new section of Founding Members.

“RES4Africa is growing. Transitioning from association to foundation is an important evolution for an organization that has positioned itself as a credible and reliable interlocutor at international level” states Antonio Cammisecra, RES4Africa Foundation President and Enel Green Power CEO, “We are also going upwards, as the level of our partnerships and the challenges awaiting us are higher and higher. Now, we are ready to address them”.

“Congratulations to the new RES4Africa Foundation. We are confident this new stage will add up to the best we’ve already seen in the last few years in RES4Med&Africa association. We at Siemens Gamesa are more than eager to support the Foundation, as founding member, in developing the vast potential of Africa’s renewables’ market and remain strongly committed to the boost that RES4Africa is giving to accelerate penetration of renewables in the continent” adds Jon Lezamiz Cortazar, African Market Development Director at Siemens Gamesa.

“As PwC, we have gained the awareness of having a clear responsibility in helping to meet the challenges of the modern world. We feel the duty to commit to producing benefits for communities and society in a broad sense, operating according to our culture and promoting our values ??in everything we do. PwC Italy immediately believed in the value of RES4Med and RES4Africa and we are proud to be among the founding members. With the same enthusiasm, from today onwards, we will be happy to concretely contribute to the growth of the Foundation and all the activities in favor of the development of renewable energy in Africa”, continues Giovanni Poggio, Energy, Utilities and Resources (EU&R) Partner at PwC.

“Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the most sustainable banks in the world, included in all the main sustainability indexes. From this background and from the strong push towards innovation comes the commitment towards the circular economy, an economic model that aims to untie development from the exploitation of exhaustible natural resources and to redesign the industrial system. Since 2015 Intesa Sanpaolo is the only Financial Services Global Partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the main organization that promotes the circular model. We are therefore at the forefront in supporting the use of renewable energy sources and the best technologies linked to them. By joining RES4Africa as a Founding Member, Intesa Sanpaolo intends to contribute to the promotion of green energy development on the African continent, a path that can only begin and continue through the coordinated action of several subjects: African countries, multilateral institutions, energy producers, private investors and, of course, interested banks” explains Luca Matrone, Head of Industry Energy, Corporate and Investment Banking of Intesa Sanpaolo.

“We hope that the passage of RES4Med&Africa from Association to Foundation will be useful to further promote and support the common objectives of the energy policies of the Mediterranean and North African areas, oriented towards increasingly safer, more reliable, efficient and above all decarbonised and sustainable electrical systems, thanks also to joint investments on the networks that will favor the full integration of the renewable ones in favor of the growth of the region. To achieve these results, Terna, thanks to its central position in the Mediterranean basin, will continue to make its contribution in this phase of electrical transition” concludes Carlo Crea, Head of Institutional Affairs at Terna.