10 proposals of RES4Africa – “Fostering the deployment of Renewable Energy: a Sustainable Roadmap”

Fostering the deployment of Renewable Energy: a Sustainable Roadmap” is a report in which RES4Africa Foundation makes 10 proposals taken from the following position papers:

Position Paper 1 – De-risking renewable energy investments. Addressing risks for a better market design

Position Paper 2 – Best practices for wind project development

Position Paper 3 – Decentralized renewable energy solutions to foster economic development

Position Paper 4 – Geothermal power opportunities in the Rift Valley

Position Paper 5 – Managing environmental & social risks to achieve bankability for renewable energy projects in Africa

Position Paper 6 – Role of regional interconnection in fostering RE integration in Eastern Africa Power Pool

Position Paper 7 – Unleashing the power of human capital for effective deployment of RES in East Africa

Position Paper 8 – Entrepreneurship education in Ethiopia. Seizing the opportunities of RES in Africa

Position Paper 9 – RES and energy storage: new opportunities for emerging markets

Position Paper 10 – Study on waste to energy business in Kenya and Ethiopia