What does it take to accelerate RES investments in Africa

“What does it take to accelerate RES investments in Africa: Priorities And Recommandations” is RES4Africa Foundation’s newly published study, launched during the 2019 Annual Conference in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) on 19th June 2019.

This publication, carried out by Pöyry and realized in collaboration with Enel Foundation, analyses the legislative and regulatory frameworks for the renewable energy sector currently in place in different African countries and investigates their efficiency in attracting private sector investments.

The assessment is guided through a matrix which targets three main regulatory dimensions:

  • Market attractiveness: investigating country commitment to renewable energy development; power sector governance and market structure; investment policy and regulation.
  • Market competitiveness: investigating supporting mechanisms for renewable energy in the country; direct incentives for renewable energy in place; indirect incentives.
  • Market readiness: investigating main routes-to-market for renewables in the country; adequacy, operation an transparency aspects of power system.

RES4Africa aims to use the study to provide tailored solutions for our partners to boost renewable energy sector development in Africa.