“Deploying RE in Eastern Africa: what does it take?” – 8 proposals of RES4Africa

Deploying RE in Eastern Africa: what does it take?” is a report in which RES4Africa makes 8 proposals taken from the following position papers and fact sheets :

Position Paper 1 – Demand-supply coordination in Sub-Saharan African electricity sector development

Position Paper 2 – De-risking Renewable Energy Investments – Lessons to learn, steps to take

Position Paper 3 – Unleashing the power of human capital for effective deployment of RES in East Africa

Fact Sheet 1 – Performance and Impact Evaluation – An integrated framework for energy projects

Position Paper 4 – Integration of Renewable Energy in the electricity grid

Fact Sheet 2 – Environmental, Social and Governance in Renewable Energy Projects in East Africa

Position Paper 5 – Regulatory study for Mini grid system developments in the Eastern Africa

Position Paper 6 – Scaling up Renewable Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa Barriers and Recommendations