“Renewable Energy in Kenya: Unlocking Investments, Innovation and Research”
Italian lessons learned and cutting edge solutions

Strathmore University – Nairobi, Kenya
22nd January 2020


In the light of Italy’s vast experience and expertise in the renewable energy sector, the Italian Embassy in Nairobi organizes a full day to showcase the Italian lessons learned and cutting edge innovations in the sector.

Thanks to the support of the RES4Africa Foundation key barriers preventing the deployment of renewable energy in Kenya will be addressed, highlighting technical and regulatory solutions.

Opportunities to engage the private sector and form viable Public-Private Partnerships will be discussed between all stakeholders, including private companies and Kenyan public institutions.

Furthermore, the event is dedicated towards the exploration of a variety of routes-to-market in the renewable energy sector of Kenya that provide new business opportunities.

The Italian Embassy in Nairobi invited the most innovative and forward looking Italian companies in order to disseminate knowledge, showcase groundbreaking solutions and inspire for the future.