Schneider Electric Joins RES4Africa

RES4Africa welcomed Schneider Electric within its member network during its second 2020 Steering Committee meeting.

Schneider Electric joined the Foundation in the recently-introduced “renewAfrica Partners” category. In April, it had joined the renewAfrica Initiative by signing its Declaration of Intent, bringing the number of endorsing organisations to 26. In just eight months, renewAfrica gained much traction at the European level; the vast majority of the supporting organisations were not RES4Africa members, and are now joining the Foundation in light of the positive collaboration.

The joining of Schneider Electric was positively welcomed by the renewAfrica Steering Committee in April, and is welcomed by the RES4Africa Steering Committee now. The multinational company ranks high in sustainability among global corporations, and its history in sustainability and social responsibility dates back in time, having included corporate social responsibility as a core of its global strategy, and constantly being recognised as a virtuous company by many independent organisations.

“We are delighted to have Schneider Electric as a new Member of RES4Africa, just a month after it joined us in renewAfrica. We look forward to collaborating with a company that is recognised as one of the most sustainable around. Its expertise and knowledge will certainly add value to our Foundation and open up new and exciting perspectives”.
Roberto Vigotti, Secretary General of RES4Africa Foundation