The Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment of Morocco and RES4Africa Foundation host event to analyse the opportunity of a renewable certification system to support Moroccan energy transition

Rabat/Rome 17th February 2021 – Today, the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment (MEME) in collaboration with RES4Africa Foundation held the virtual event Renewable energy certificates: An opportunity to support RE development in Morocco, to discuss the Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) market as an opportunity to support the energy transition in the country. Under the co-presidency of Mr. Moulay Abdellah Zoubir Idrissi, Director of Electricity at MEME, and Mr. Roberto Vigotti, Secretary General of RES4AFRICA, the webinar successfully deepened the possibilities of implementing a REC system by analysing Morocco’s specific context thanks to the contribution of public and private stakeholders both from the local and international context.

The MEME and RES4Africa Foundation within its programme RES4Med signed an agreement to strengthen cooperation on key initiatives, among which the promotion of Renewable Energy Certificates was identified as a priority action. In the last decade, Morocco has taken on a pioneering role in the transition to renewable energy, aiming to achieve at least 52% of installed capacity from renewables by 2030: in this context, the implementation of a market-based instrument like the REC system can be an important step, since it certifies the renewable nature of the electricity sources and it represents an effective way to increase the market demand for clean energy and companies competitiveness, providing them with a simple tool to reduce the environmental impact of their activities.

 ‘’Morocco is moving steadily towards the energy transition, the success of which will notably require the implementation of real partnerships, involving an even stronger commitment from the private sector and all the actors concerned. Yet, the market is not fully developed: in order to foster it, raising awareness on the benefits of the certificates is fundamental’’ states Moulay Abdellah Zoubir Idrissi, Director of Electricity at the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment of Morocco.

“Morocco could draw substantial benefits from a deeper development of the IREC market, not only for the internal market but also towards neighbouring countries with which the Moroccan government has a strong partnership in renewable electricity trade, including Europe and North Africa” concludes Roberto Vigotti, Secretary General of the RES4Africa’s Foundation, “Having a REC system in Morocco is pivotal to promote cross-continent trade of renewable energy and, therefore, support Africa’s just energy transition”.