Assessing Investment Risk in Renewable Energy

The purpose of this survey is to gather investors’ views concerning risks and barriers to renewables investments. Policy makers in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries (SEMC) have been working intensely to create favorable RES investment conditions, and investor views can provide valuable guidance on areas that deserve more focus.This survey follows a previous edition published in 2016. Five years later, we expand our analysis to seven countries including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. To the difference of our 2016 survey, in which only the private sector participated, this time we also include the views of public stakeholders.
The perception gaps between the private and the public help identify areas where greater business-togovernment dialogue is needed. As long-term advocates and proponents of a clean and sustainable energy transition in the Med, the RES4Africa
Foundation and PwC are glad to act as a bridge between the European private sector and policy makers in Med countries. A heartfelt thank you goes to the 142 persons who contributed with their views and made this survey possible.
Together, we are making another small step in the direction of greening the Med energy sector, for the benefit of its citizens and of the planet.

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