renewAfrica Steering Committee Gathered for the Third Time to Outline a New Phase with the Participation of EU and Africa Institutions

Rome, 30th April – Two years after its launch, the supporters of the RES4Africa Foundation’s renewAfrica Initiative gathered together for the third Signatories meeting. The purpose of the encounter, that took place on April 22nd, was to offer a recap of the progresses made by the Initiative, as well as to provide a wider view on the future and next steps.

The meeting saw the participation, among others, of Marjeta Jager (Deputy Director General DG INTPA), Jean-Paul Adam (Director, Technology, Climate Change and Natural Resource Management Division, UNECA), Daniel Schroth (Acting Director for Renewable Energy and Efficiency of the African Development Bank) and Paloma Perez de Vega (Head of Division for Global Partners and Neighbouring Countries, EIB). Through their contributions, the speakers presented the European and African perspective on how the post-pandemic recovery offers the opportunity to build forward better based on the guidelines of a green, sustainable and resilient growth. 

Confirming Africa as a geographical priority for the European Union, the Deputy Director-General for International Cooperation and Development, Marjeta Jager, expressed appreciation for the ability of renewAfrica in mobilising a large spectrum of EU actors and for its potential to reinforce the necessary involvement of African counterparts. The role of the Initiative in communication and outreach activities in African countries was underlined as complementary to the objectives of the EU Green Energy Initiative. In the light of this alignment, the EU Commission is planning a future collaboration with renewAfrica for the UN High Level Dialogue in September and COP26. Also Paloma Perez de Vega, Head of Division for Global Partners and Neighbouring Countries at the European Investment Bank, thanked RES4Africa for the excellent work carried out in terms of capacity building and outreach, confirming the commitment of EIB as renewAfrica member to follow the Initiative in the next international events. 

Also the African institutions that took part to the meeting underlined the need of a EU-Africa partnership to face the upcoming recovery phase. The Director of the Technology, Climate Change and Natural Resource Management Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Jean-Paul Adam, reiterated the need to scale up energy investments in Africa, in order to build more climate-resilient infrastructure and create more jobs. Daniel Schroth, the Acting Director for Renewable Energy and Efficiency of the African Development Bank, underlined how the current crisis could be translated into a possibility to address the green transition and climate change in Africa: the public sector alone will not be able to provide the scale of needed finance, therefore the private sector will be key to address the key challenges impacting on Africa. RES4Africa was appreciated for raising the attention of the need to mobilise private investment, promote WEF nexus and the development of grid infrastructure.

The event proved to be a remarkable occasion to show how renewAfrica has succeeded in conveying its approach and message at the highest level of EU policy-makers. Now, the Initiative enters into a new phase expanding and accelerating its commitment and efforts to work in Africa and for Africa. In this regard, two brand new documents have been developed: the renewAfrica Handbook (containing the all the must known of the initiative) and the Landing Guide (which provides the details of the engagement with selected African countries and key institutional stakeholders, aiming at support the mobilisation of RE institutions players to increase investment at scale for wider energy access in Africa). The documents will support the extensive outreach programme towards African countries for 2021, starting in Mozambique.

Download the Landing Guide

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