The Fourth Session of AM-Powering Connexions Will Kick off on June the 9th

The 9th of June 2021 will see RES4Africa host the 4th AM-Powering Connexions sessions. This series of monthly meetings is aimed at the South African energy community to discuss ideas, share resources, and create connection and engagement opportunities linked to a South African energy transition.  AM-Powering Connexions is promoted by the RES4Africa Foundation in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Pretoria, CSIR, Nedbank, SAESA, SAPVIA and SAWEA.

South Africa’s Municipalities are the focus for this month, discussing the role they may have in South Africa’s energy transition. Therefore, the high-level guests for this session will include representatives of local governments and local government associations, experts in city energy and sustainability, and international finance institutions.

To maintain the focus of the discussion, participation is restricted to stakeholders from the South African energy community and RES4Africa members, who need to request to join; participation is completely free of charge. All admitted participants will receive instructions on how to take part in the session and will be invited to join the AM-Powering Connexions LinkedIn Group, where they can share information and initiate conversations.