RES4Africa Participated in the Minitalk “Energy4Future”

The event, organized by Scienza Divertente, introduced sustainability and renewable energy to a young audience

Rome, May the 29th 2021 –  In order to achieve a sustainable tomorrow, good seeds must be planted today. That’s why RES4Africa Foundation has always been committed to capacity-building, knowledge spreading and education. In this regard, our Secretary General, Roberto Vigotti, participated in the minitalk Energy4Future, organized and promoted by Scienza Divertente, world leader of educational entertainment for kid in the scientific sector.

On the occasion of the event the fundamentals of sustainability, renewables and the energy transition were presented to a virtual audience of kids and youths. The minitalk was co-presented by Stefano Ruia, coordinator of CICAP Lazio, Italian organization dedicated to the promotion of a science-based approach to debunk pseudo-science. It consisted in an interactive, playful presentation with the support of multimedia, objects and examples from the daily life; a live session of Q&As was also included.

The objective of the event was to create awareness and spread knowledge about renewable energy and sustainability, addressing an age segment which is proving to be remarkably reactive and interested in the topic.

Given the success of the initiative, future minitalks, events and collaboration are being planned, with dedicated content, topics and audiences.

Watch the full event

Interact with the presentation (in Italian)