Why Africa?

Sub-Saharan African countries are rapidly attracting attention as new renewable energy markets. Thanks to the continent’s dynamic economic and population growth, its wealth in renewable energy resources, and falling techno- logy costs, renewable energy investments can introduce widespread affordable, reliable and sustainable energy access to the region. Over 600 million people still live without access to energy in Africa, representing a significant residential and productive market demand for a affordable, reliable and clean energy solutions. Advancing energy access in Africa is fundamental to accelerating sustainable economic development and can be achieved by the deployment of large- scale and decentralized (off-grid) renewable energy solutions.


RES4Africa promotes the deployment of large-scale and decentralized renewable energy solutions in Sub-Saharan African markets to meet local energy needs for growth. RES4Africa gathers a network of international leaders from across the clean energy value chain and supports the creation of an enabling environment for renewable energy investments and strategic partnerships. RES4Africa functions as a bridge between members and partners of emerging markets for an exchange of perspectives and expertise.