Advanced Training Course 2016

in collaboration with

"Enhancing energy efficiency solutions in the Mediterranean Region"

Advanced Training Course
Turin, May, Monday 16th – Friday 20th
1st Edition

RES4MED, in partnership with Asja and Iren and in cooperation with Politecnico di Torino and OME, organizes the training course "Enhancing energy efficiency solutions in the Mediterranean Region". The course is addressed primarily to participants with an appropriate seniority selected among public institutions, energy service companies, energy centers, universities and research agencies operating in the Mediterranean basin.
The training aims at providing participants with a set of technical, economical and regulatory tools to assess the most appropriate energy efficiency solutions both in public and in industrial sector, to overcome the main barriers and to foster the development of energy efficiency projects in the SEMCS countries.
The course will be held in English, therefore a good knowledge of such language is required.


The target audience consists of 35 professionals:

  • 10 professionals from Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey) – full scholarship
  • 5 professionals from Balkan countries (Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia) – full scholarship
  • 10 professionals from RES4MED free tuition fee
  • 10 Ph.D. students and Researchers from Italian Universitiesfree tuition fee

RES4MED, Iren, Asja and Politecnico di Torino promote a balanced gender mix in the selection of participants and therefore high significance is given to the attendance of women.

Facilitation Covering
Full scholarship Flights, accommodation, board, transportation, lectures, laboratories and power plant visits
Free tuition fee Lectures, laboratories and power plant visits (including transportation). The participants have to cover by their own means the flights and one week accommodation and board.

Screening of candidates

A Selection Committee is set up for over-seeing the process and for final selection of candidates.
The selection committee will be composed by representative of:

  • IREN
  • Asja
  • Politecnico di Torino
  • OME

After the Selection Committee official approval, RES4MED will notify an e-mail confirming the participation in the course to admitted participants.


The course foresees lectures on the main technical, regulatory and financial features given by qualified international and Italian experts, academics and highly skilled technicians, balanced with visits and technical explanations to innovative laboratories and facilities. The training is structured to favour the exchange of experiences among participants by means of their direct involvement through fruitful interaction in group study activities and guided technical visits at energy efficiency implemented projects. The Training Course encourages participants to explore multidisciplinary approaches covering technical, economic and regulatory topics integrating for each topic:

  • the theoretical and academic session (ensured by Politecnico di Torino, Politecnico di Milano)
  • the market perspective and industrial view (ensured by Asja, Iren and other RES4MED shareholders)