Advanced Training Course 2017

"Deployment of renewable energy solutions: challenges and opportunities"

 Advanced Training Course 2017

Milan, 6-17 November 2017
4th Edition

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RES4MED&Africa held the 4th edition of its flagship Advanced Training Course (ATC) in Milan. The ATC was organised in cooperation with Enel Foundation and Politecnico di Milano, and gathered 35 participants from Southern-Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Africa for a two-week course on the challenges and opportunities of renewable energy (RE) solutions deployment. Since its 1st edition in 2014, the ATC aims to train participants on the core technical, economic and regulatory competences and advanced tools to assess and deploy the most appropriate RE solutions in emerging markets, whilst fostering an international network of experts. The ATC’s 4th edition gathered 35 participants selected out of more than 300 applications from across Southern-Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan African countries. Each selected participant was awarded with an Enel Foundation scholarship covering tuition, transportation and accommodation to attend the training.

Capacity building plays a fundamental role in achieving access to clean, affordable and reliable energy (SDG 7) by 2030 in Southern-Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan African countries. for all, striving towards meeting the SDG 7 by 2030. Through the ATC, RES4MED&Africa aims to contribute to building the skills, jobs and networks necessary for the uptake of renewables in these countries. “Capacity building is a key enabler of sustainable development, job creation and successful renewable energy deployment in the Mediterranean and African regions; RES4MED&Africa conducts activities in this sector, tailored to a specific audience based on members’ expertise and know-how”, said Roberto Vigotti, RES4MED&Africa Secretary General during the ATC’s opening.

For two weeks, expert academics and industry representatives shared their insights with participants on RE solutions through a series of lectures held at Politecnico di Milano University and Bocconi University. The course’s first week introduced the key characteristics of RE technologies, including a general overview of the international energy market, key trends in RE innovation, smart and integrated infrastructures, followed by lectures on solar photovoltaic, wind & storage technologies as well as on grid operation systems. Week 2 included lectures held at Bocconi University that centered on the financial and regulatory aspects of RE projects. Topics included regulatory frameworks, economic and financial characteristics of RE technologies focusing on investment and financing of projects, future perspectives, and EU financing.

Participants also had the opportunity to visit energy laboratories and directly witness the energy production process and technology testing. Site visits included a day-trip to the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC) in Ispra to explore PV technology testing laboratories and simulators. The training programme also included a day-trip to CESI Research Centre and Laboratories and a guided tour of the Politecnico di Milano projects, of the SolarTech lab, and of the Wind Tunnel. These visits allowed participants to gain an understanding of the topics discussed, along with unique on-the-ground insights.

Networking and knowledge exchange among the course participants was of crucial importance throughout the course. 35 participants gathered from countries such as Ghana, Zambia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt, and had the opportunity to share their experience and opinions during a two-week multi-cultural encounter. Fostering a network of people and knowledge sharing is a fundamental objective of the course and is key to create long-lasting partnerships, in order to achieve the most efficient deployment of RE in emerging markets.

For further information, please contact:

Flavia Pezzano
RES4MED&Africa Training and Capacity Building