Annual Conference 2018


22nd June 2018
Auditorium Enel S.p.A., viale Regina Margherita 125, Rome

Under the patronage of

The 2018 Annual Conference focused on how sustainable renewable energy projects can create real value for Africa’s sustainable development and growth. As the business case for renewables is going mainstream, the next frontier is to make the ongoing renewable energy transition truly sustainable by ensuring the economic and financial, environmental and social sustainability of renewable energy projects, in particular for emerging markets in Africa.

The conference offered an ideal framework to display the shared interest of public and private sector to accelerate access to sustainable, efficient and secure energy supply in Africa. Key institutional, private sector and international participants were hosted by RES4MED&Africa to share their view on sustainability and bankability of RE investments and projects in the African continent.

The context

  • The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2018 progress review of SDG7.
  • Focus on how renewable energy can unlock Africa’s sustainable development and provide real added value for growth.
  • Financing as one of the issues to the development of sustainable energy in Africa.
  • IFIs reorientation towards small-scale, decentralised and off-grid RE projects.

Objectives of the conference

  • The key objective of the conference was to discuss how to boost public and private renewable energy investments for sustainable economic growth in Africa and how to ensure sustainability of renewable energy projects for emerging markets in Africa.
  • The conference aimed at convening the major IFIs to face on the challenges and the needs for sustainability and bankability of RE projects.