Our common journey towards a sustainable Africa

2020 Flagship Publication: Chapter 4

The world is now at a crossroads. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a widespread health and economic crisis that has also upset long established global equilibriums. These upsets have clearly highlighted the need for us to see the world as a globally interdependent system, and the benefits of coordinated action in dealing with current […]

The impact of Covid-19 on Africa’s energy sector

Renewable energy sources can play a crucial role to ensure health, food and education to the African population in the Covid-19 recovery phase. This is the outcome of the study “The impact of Covid-19 on Africa’s energy sector”, developed by RES4Africa Foundation and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), in partnership with SDA […]

A novel European de-risking initiative: renewAfrica

2020 Flagship Publication: Chapter 3

RES4Africa Foundation’s mission is to support the development of an enabling environment for renewable energy (RE) investments in Africa. If this can be achieved, African countries will then be able meet their local energy needs in a more sustainable way. A critical first step on this journey is comprehensively addressing a number of existing barriers that […]

Strategic Webinars

  RES4Africa Foundation is developing a series of webinars that will take place in June and July with the aim of replacing planned events with virtual ones and disseminating the findings of its studies and strategic programmes. The webinars will follow a coherent narrative, as they explore the socio-economic impact of Covid-19, deep-dive into the […]

renewAfrica reconfirms its commitment to scaling up renewables in Africa releasing its video

19th May 2020 – The renewAfrica Initiative once again confirms its commitment to scaling up renewable energy investments in Africa by revealing its presentation video. renewAfrica is a European industry-backed initiative committed to supporting African countries in achieving sustainable access to renewable energy at a transformative scale by unlocking investments in utility-sized renewables projects. The […]

De-risking investments for a green Africa

2020 Flagship Publication: Chapter 2

The RES4Africa Foundation aims to support the private sector as it contributes to the delivery of Africa’s socio-economic development targets through the expansion of access to sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity. However, Africa’s electricity markets are still perceived as risky environments for private sector investors. Renewable energy projects, in particular, are by nature exposed to […]

Europe’s climate commitment can support Africa’s Covid response

Editorial by Roberto Vigotti

The Covid-19 crisis has brought the international community to face its limits. We, in Europe as well as in many countries of the world, now know what a crisis of this scale represents, as it is the first one that most of us has had to deal with. We live in lockdown, and fortunately our […]

The way forward in post-Covid times: renewables

Editorial by Roberto Vigotti

For several weeks now, the African continent too has been struggling against an invisible enemy: Covid-19. Although the spread in the continent is lower than in other areas of the world at the moment, it is not less worrying considering the limited capabilities of African countries to mitigate the potentially devastating effect of the virus, both […]

A bright future for Africa

2020 Flagship Publication: Chapter 1

We imagine a bright future for Africa. A growing economy, a young thriving population, expanding cities, rising entrepreneurs in start-up businesses, and resource abundance are all promising features that describe a continent of opportunity. Now more than ever, access to electricity is essential for unlocking Africa’s vast socio-economic potential and improve livelihoods. The United Nations also recognised […]

We cannot give up on climate action

Thoughts on the 50th Earth Day

A couple of weeks ago I dug up the first image of the Earth obtained in 1990 by putting together thousands of photographs taken at more than 800 kilometers high, something that took almost a year to complete. It’s an extraordinarily clear image, to which we are perhaps accustomed today, but which was something unseen […]