What goes around, comes around. Norah’s Story.

Norah’s story is one of vision, dedication and passion, merged together into a clear and successful path. Since she was a young girl, she quite knew what her role in the world would be: she wanted to be at the service of her country and continent, impacting lives all around Africa. Plus, she was fond […]

A man on a mission. Elly’s story

Elly has always had an inner spark for engineering and action: “I remember at a very young age; my father bought a battery. When he was not at home, he would leave us with instructions to disconnect the solar clips from the battery just before the sunset. I found out that if I connected a […]

“A woman trained is a nation trained”: Eileen’s Story

“My earliest memory as a child of me watching a documentary. I saw a girl child suffering and I thought to myself: I want to help. Initially my dream was to be a psychologist as I wanted to understand people”. Despite her young age and a long way to go, Eileen had known since she […]

What Does It Take to Accelerate Renewable Energy Investments in Africa?

A sound and supportive policy and regulatory framework is a core building block for a successful renewable energy deployment and is necessary to attract investments and build constructive partnerships between public and private actors (PPPs). The RES4Africa Foundation, in collaboration with AFRY Management Consulting, carried out the study What Does It Take to Accelerate Renewable […]

Integration of Variable Renewable Energy Sources in the National Electric System of Zambia

Thanks to its outstanding renewable potential, Zambia can improve its energy diversification and strengthen the resilience of its power system to cope with current and future water challenges related to climate change by integrating variable renewable energy sources (VRES) into its energy system. This is the outcome of the study Integration of Variable Renewable Energy […]

A Just Energy Transition in South Africa

Socio-economic needs and the positive impacts of a future low-carbon economy

The study A Just Energy Transition in South Africa, developed in collaboration with CSIR and ERM, assesses the changes necessary in employment and workers’ skills in line with the shift to renewables, as well as lessons learned from other countries transitioning away from coal. The first section of the study evaluates the number of jobs […]

The renewAfrica Initiative’s 10 Guiding Principles

This document tells the story of renewAfrica, its vision and how it aims to get there, through 10 Guiding Principles. The document is intended as a sequel to renewAfrica’s Presentation Card published in January 2020. The pages that follow are the result of the work of the members and contributors of renewAfrica Task Forces. They […]

Scaling up Africa’s renewable power

Africa needs electricity to fuel its socio-economic growth. There is already a consensus on the key role of renewable energy in providing a viable and sustainable solution to Africa’s electricity needs, but the pace of investments is still too slow. With only a decade left to achieve SDG 7, RE investments need to be massively […]

Connecting the dots. Why only 2% of global RE in Africa?

In the past ten years, only 2% of the renewable energy installed worldwide has Africa as its protagonist. The factors that led to this data are explained by the study Connecting the dots. Why only 2% of global RE in Africa?, developed by RES4Africa Foundation in collaboration with Enel Green Power and presented during a digital event on 8th July […]

Our common journey towards a sustainable Africa

2020 Flagship Publication: Chapter 4

The world is now at a crossroads. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a widespread health and economic crisis that has also upset long established global equilibriums. These upsets have clearly highlighted the need for us to see the world as a globally interdependent system, and the benefits of coordinated action in dealing with current […]