RES4MED Brochure

RES4Med is a strategic programme of RES4Africa Foundation. RES4Med (Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean) was launched in 2012 as an association to promote the renewable energy development in Southern-Mediterranean countries. Click for the RES4MED brochure.

Covid can’t, and won’t, stop us

Editorial by Roberto Vigotti

We are living in a challenging time. The lockdown introduced in Italy about three weeks ago has now spread across much of the globe and, like everyone else, had to adjust to the new scenario. A number of Foundation events have been postponed, and the entire team is at home. Nevertheless, we are working remotely […]

WEF Nexus webinar with UNEP

On 26 March, RES4Africa participated as a energy expert lecturer to the the first training webinar on the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus, organised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The training was mainly focused on the contribution of renewable energy towards the implementation of the Water, Food, and Energy Nexus, and provided the opportunity to […]

renewAfrica Initiative Presentation Card

renewAfrica aims to be a one-stop-shop programme that unifies under one umbrella the multitude of existing instruments of the European Commission and the Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) of its Member States. Reducing fragmentation will help create a powerful instrument able to maximize the impact of European funds currently already dedicated to supporting renewables in Africa. […]

2019 Annual Report

A summary of RES4Africa’s 2019: members, events, numbers, and much more. Click for the Annual Report.

RE-thinking Access to Energy Business Models

A year ago, we announced our Water-Energy-Food Nexus programme as an approach to further Africa’s sustainable development. Within the program, with the support of Enel Foundation, we carried out “RE-thinking Access to Energy Business Models”, a study that analysed electrification projects, and integrated and innovative business models, in rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. From the […]

Lipitalo, hupishwa

Two weeks at the ATC

From 18th to 29th November we held our 6th Advanced Training Course in Milan, organised in partnership with Enel Foundation and in collaboration with MIP Politecnico di Milano and SDA Bocconi School of Management. Participants came from Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. […]

Africa’s Future Counts: A Nexus Perspective to the Energy Access Challenge

By Ana Rovzar and Roberto Vigotti Water, energy and food are the building blocks of development and essential for human wellbeing, poverty reduction and sustainable economic growth in Africa. Energy is deeply interwoven with other sectors that are fundamental to human, agricultural and industrial development across the continent. Africa’s future counts on ensuring access to water, energy and […]

“Deploying RE in Eastern Africa: what does it take?” – 8 proposals of RES4Africa

“Deploying RE in Eastern Africa: what does it take?” is a report in which RES4Africa makes 8 proposals taken from the following position papers and fact sheets : Position Paper 1 – Demand-supply coordination in Sub-Saharan African electricity sector development Position Paper 2 – De-risking Renewable Energy Investments – Lessons to learn, steps to take Position Paper […]

Applying the water-energy-food nexus approach to catalyse transformational change in Africa

RES4Africa Foundation released “Applying the water-energy-food nexus approach to catalyse transformational change in Africa“, carried out in collaboration with OpenEconomics, with the technical support of FSAMGO International Research Groups, conducted a study on CEFA Onlus’ Ikondo-Matembwe project where the Water-Energy-Food Nexus approach has been applied. The study focuses in particular on the transformational and catalyzing […]