Francesco Starace

CEO of Enel

The World 4.0.: Enel electric car & sustainable family solution at Enel Store? – VIDEO Interview

Izael Da Silva

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research & Innovation, Strathmore University – Nairobi

What opportunities do you see in the deployment of renewable energy  and sustainable development in Eastern Africa?   Africa is currently the land of opportunity for renewable energy and sustainable development as it is starving for energy and has an abundance of resources such as geothermal wells, good wind regime, solar radiation which is constant almost […]

Roberto Ridolfi

Director for Sustainable Growth and Development at DG Development and Cooperation

What role does energy access play for sustainable development in Africa?  Everybody knows that energy access is a powerful lever of growth and competitiveness. The rapid expansion of energy access is therefore the best investment that African leaders can make for the future of their countries and their people. The investments that are required are huge, […]