Roberto Vigotti

Secretary General RES4Africa

RES4Africa: a new strategic project 1. Why a new project for Africa Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa – RES4Africa – is a leading platform for public-private dialogue in the Sub-Saharan energy context. A network of key international energy stakeholders – utilities, industries, agencies, technical service providers and top academia – engaged in promoting clean tech […]

Francesco Venturini

CEO Enel Green Power and RES4Africa President

Enel Green Power, a world leader in power generation from renewable sources, extended its activity to Africa with its first photovoltaic plant in Upington, South Africa, in 2014. Since then, other projects and activities followed suit there and in other part of the Continent. We have discussed the latest developments with Francesco Venturini, CEO and […]

Michele Scandellari


What in your view are the main challenges to expand renewables in the sub-Saharan region? Sub-Saharan Africa will consume nearly 1,600 terawatt hours of electricity by 2040, four times what was used in 2010 and as much as India and Latin America combined did in 2010. The investments needed to reach this production level in […]

Giovanni Poggio

Energy & Utilities Leader e Partner Deals di PwC Italia

What are the most attractive potentials in Sub Saharan regions within the clean sources? Renewable sources are being utilised more and more in mini-grid and standalone off-grid situations. A review of research by the International Renewable Energy Agency suggests that small-scale hydropower, for example, is currently the largest generation source for mini-grids. In Africa mini-hydro […]