10 proposals of RES4Africa – “Fostering the deployment of Renewable Energy: a Sustainable Roadmap”

“Fostering the deployment of Renewable Energy: a Sustainable Roadmap” is a report in which RES4Africa Foundation makes 10 proposals taken from the following position papers: Position Paper 1 – De-risking renewable energy investments. Addressing risks for a better market design Position Paper 2 – Best practices for wind project development Position Paper 3 – Decentralized […]

2019 Flagship Publication presented at 7th Annual Conference in Addis Ababa

“Africa’s Future Counts”, RES4Africa Foundation’s second flagship publication, was presented during the 2019 Annual Conference, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 19th June. This publication, developed in collaboration with Enel Foundation, is the second of a series of annual features that focus on strategic perspectives and themes for Africa’s sustainable energy future. Africa’s Future Counts […]

renewAfrica Initiative: Advancing European commitment to Africa’s clean energy access

The renewAfrica Initiative is a European multi-stakeholder backed initiative to accelerate Africa’s sustainable energy transition. It seeks to catalyse transformational renewable energy investments that will foster the continent’s future sustainable development. renewAfrica ambitions to be a one-stop shop Programme with a mission to advance European investment in African renewable energy projects. It seeks to catalyse […]

Scaling-up renewable energy development in Jordan

To support our business-to-government event in Jordan we released our new “Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Development in Jordan” white paper which we carried out in collaboration with Pöyry and EDAMA. Jordan has done very much in the last 20 years to attract renewable energy investments, creating an enabling environment for renewable energy investments and promulgating laws […]

Integration of variable energy in the national electric system of Ethiopia

“Integration of variable energy in the national electric system of Ethiopia” is a study focused on the integration of variable renewables into the Ethiopian electrical grid considering the development scenario until 2030. This study has been crafted and developed in close collaboration with the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), coordinated by RES4Africa Foundation in 2018 in […]

Enhancing the renewable energy transition in Zambia

Zambia, as many African countries, is rich in terms of renewable energy sources, in particular hydro and solar. However, people in remote areas lack access to electricity, with an electrification rate ranging between 4% and 5% in some rural zones. Following the consequences of climate change such as strong periods of droughts, Zambia is looking […]

Project Finance for Renewable Energy Systems – Egypt case study

“Project Finance for Renewable Energy Systems” is a case study on Egypt that showcases risk analysis and mitigation measures in the existing policy and regulatory framework. Egypt is one of the biggest and more relevant countries in the Mediterranean area, ranked among the biggest developing economies of the African continent. However, in the last years […]

Where to invest in renewables in Sub-Saharan Africa (White Paper)

The objective of the white paper “Where to invest in renewables in Sub-Saharan Africa” is to report a market analysis of the 49 Sub-Saharan African countries (SSA), to assess each country’s proficiency in attracting renewables energy investments, especially for wind power and solar PV. The criteria that reflect the availability of SSA countries to receive […]

Open Africa

Open Africa, RES4Africa’s latest project consisting of a photographic book and a web documentary, was presented at Minerva Roof Garden in Rome on 20th June. Developed by RES4Africa with the support of Enel Foundation and in collaboration with Akronos, Open Africa was produced to visually illustrate how access to sustainable energy positively impacts African livelihoods. The reportage presents […]