renewAfrica reconfirms its commitment to scaling up renewables in Africa releasing its video

19th May 2020 – The renewAfrica Initiative once again confirms its commitment to scaling up renewable energy investments in Africa by revealing its presentation video. renewAfrica is a European industry-backed initiative committed to supporting African countries in achieving sustainable access to renewable energy at a transformative scale by unlocking investments in utility-sized renewables projects. The […]

11th MGA Session kicks off in RDC

The 11th Micro-Grid Academy session kicked off this morning for the first time in RDC, in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy of South Kivu, DRC, and in partnership with AVSI and EnGreen. In the framework of the project “Sustainable Energy Services for Rural DRC” funded by the Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea […]

De-risking investments for a green Africa

2020 Flagship Publication: Chapter 2

The RES4Africa Foundation aims to support the private sector as it contributes to the delivery of Africa’s socio-economic development targets through the expansion of access to sustainable, reliable and affordable electricity. However, Africa’s electricity markets are still perceived as risky environments for private sector investors. Renewable energy projects, in particular, are by nature exposed to […]

WAN 2020

RES4Africa joins WAN on 25th May

Join us this May to Celebrate the Africa Day! Let’s engage ourselves in a collective reflection on post-crisis & start building a new Africa: United and Innovative. – New Africa – Together as ONE, together is WAN” #IAmWAN On May 25, the Africa International Day, the African civil society and its diaspora are mobilizing to […]

Renew-ABLE against COVID – Training Course

The Micro-Grid Academy in partnership with Field Study Abroad and Sapienza University, launch “Renew-ABLE against COVID”, an online course in the field of sustainable development and renewable energies to enable young professionals, technicians and students to gain the necessary competences to realise PV plants and to monitor, operate and maintain the new energy systems. In […]

RES4Africa supports GWEC Wind Industry Statement on Economic Recovery from COVID-19

Within its wide-ranging efforts to contrast the Covid-19 pandemic, RES4Africa Foundation endorsed the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) Wind Industry Statement on Economic Recovery from Covid-19. Wind power is a key building block for economic recovery from the impact of COVID-19, which will enable governments to renew critical infrastructure for a sustainable future. The wind […]

RES4Africa joins ARE in its Call for Action

Roadmap for the DRE sector to survive and flourish in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis

RES4Africa Foundation officially endorses and supports the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE)‘s Call for Action to highlight the fundamental role that decentralised renewable energy (DRE) projects play and to enable the necessary actions and conditions to safeguard the entire sector. The global spread of Covid-19 has caused thousands of deaths and alarmed individuals, communities, businesses […]

Europe’s climate commitment can support Africa’s Covid response

Editorial by Roberto Vigotti

The Covid-19 crisis has brought the international community to face its limits. We, in Europe as well as in many countries of the world, now know what a crisis of this scale represents, as it is the first one that most of us has had to deal with. We live in lockdown, and fortunately our […]

The way forward in post-Covid times: renewables

Editorial by Roberto Vigotti

For several weeks now, the African continent too has been struggling against an invisible enemy: Covid-19. Although the spread in the continent is lower than in other areas of the world at the moment, it is not less worrying considering the limited capabilities of African countries to mitigate the potentially devastating effect of the virus, both […]

A bright future for Africa

2020 Flagship Publication: Chapter 1

We imagine a bright future for Africa. A growing economy, a young thriving population, expanding cities, rising entrepreneurs in start-up businesses, and resource abundance are all promising features that describe a continent of opportunity. Now more than ever, access to electricity is essential for unlocking Africa’s vast socio-economic potential and improve livelihoods. The United Nations also recognised […]