SG RES4Med&Africa coordinates the IEA’s RIAB Annual Meeting

Roberto Vigotti, RES4Med&Africa Secretary General and RIAB Coordinator, coordinated the Annual Meeting of the International Energy Agency (IEA)‘s Renewable Industry Advisory Board (RIAB). This Annual Meeting focused in particular on the innovation, policies and approaches that are needed to accelerate the deployment of sustainable bioenergy. Despite often being overlooked, the IEA indicates that modern bioenergy must be taken into serious consideration […]

Prysmian Group joins RES4Med&Africa

RES4Med&Africa’s Executive Committee, which met on 4 March, approved the joining of Prysmian Group as Supporter Member. Prysmian Group is at the forefront of growth and innovation in the supply of cables to the energy and telecom sectors, ultimately delivering sustainable growth and profit. “We warmly welcome Prysmian Group as our member” stated Roberto Vigotti, […]