East African Power Pool (EAPP)

The World Bank is funding a new Eastern Electricity Highway project to connect Ethiopia with Kenya and eventually with the Southern African Power Pool. It is the first phase of a $1.3 billion Eastern Africa power integration program, with $243 million for Ethiopia and $441 million for Kenya from the Bank, which says that the project will change the fundamentals of the power sector in East Africa. A 400 kV AC, 2000 MWe link between Kenya and Tanzania was funded by the African Development Bank early in 2015.
Ethiopia is planning to increase hydropower capacity to raise capacity from 2.4 to 10 GWe and become a regional electricity exporter. State-owned power utility Ethiopian Electric Power has signed a US$120 million contract with China Electric Power Equipment and Technology to construct a 433 km high-voltage transmission line from Wolaita in the south of the country to the Kenyan border. This 500 kV, 2000 MW HVDC link to Kenya is due to be completed in 2018, funded by the World Bank.



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