IEA RIAB Special Session


24 October 2018
Farnesina Palace, Piazza della Farnesina, Rome

In collaboration with


The IEA Renewable Industry Advisory Board, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gathered 100 participants and 27 speakers for a special one-day workshop focusing on necessary strategies and measures to accelerate renewable energy (RE) deployment in the African continent.

Energy issues, among which the development of RE, are an increasingly pressing priority in national and global policies. Given its pivotal role in the main international fora on energy resources, notably in the IEA, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the General Directorate for Global Issues, graciously agreed to host this special session dedicated to Africa at the Farnesina palace. The special session took place one day prior to Africa’s leaders meeting for the Ministerial Conference Italy-Africa.

The event presented a status update on the continent’s RE market developments; addressed the issues of energy access through decentralized solutions and the quality of supply in grid-connected systems, and highlighted the IFI’s perspective on the way forward. By gathering high-level participants from industry, financial sector and governments, the IEA RIAB session provided an ideal forum for dynamic and high-level exchange between the sector’s most important actors on what is needed to scale up RE investments in Africa.