Micro-Grid Academy - Activities

The MGA training curriculum provides participants with a comprehensive set of skills necessary to successfully design, develop, manage and operate decentralized renewable energy projects, through interactive training modules led by experts in the renewable energy value chain.



Each training module is composed of in-class lectures, practical activities and on-field experiences to off-grid power plants, combining theoretical knowledge with the hands-on training. All the MGA students are given free access to HelioLearn, an e-learning platform developed by LEDsafari, to further develop their skills after the MGA training. Read more about it.

The MGA activities allow participants to access a wide network of leading market players and, after the training courses, to be part of a long-lasting professional community.

The MGA trainings in Nairobi are held in the founding partners’ facilities. The Academy also expanded its activities in other African countries with dedicated “on-tour” sessions.

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