MGA Past trainings - April 2018 - Nairobi, Kenya

April 2018 - Nairobi, Kenya

The high success of the January module raised the interest of UNEP to structure further collaborations with RES4Africa. Consequently, RES4Africa and the other partners organized a new module of the MGA, which was held in Nairobi from 4th -13th April, gathering 34 new participants. In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on gender equality and women empowerment, 20 women were selected within the African Women Energy Entrepreneurs Framework (AWEEF) to attend the training.

The training module focused on two main topics: (i) business tools for small-medium enterprises in the renewable sector and (ii) operation and maintenance of mini-grid plants. At Talek Town, Narok County, the trainees exercised for 2 days upon O&M activities on a community-owned 40 kW (PV plus storage, diesel backup) hybrid mini-grid.