RES4Med is a strategic programme of RES4Africa Foundation. RES4Med (Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean) was launched in 2012 as an association to promote the renewable energy development in Southern-Mediterranean countries.

Why the Mediterranean?

Southern-Mediterranean countries have a strong potential for renewable energy market development based on vast renewable energy resources, falling technology costs and important growing energy demand. Renewable energy investments are considered a key solution to introduce widespread affordable, reliable and sustainable energy to the region and will play a significant role in enabling sustainable economic development.

The role of RES4Med

Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean was initiated in 2012 as a leading platform for public-private dialogue in light of the renewable energy potential and growing energy demand of Southern-Mediterranean countries. Since its inception, RES4Med promotes renewable energy in Southern-Mediterranean countries as a cost-effective, sustainable, and reliable energy strategy to meet growing energy demand.

Contrary to the mainstream paradigm at the time, RES4Med applies an “upside-down approach” that highlights renewable energy solutions to meet local energy needs by encouraging a direct dialogue among private and public actors of both Mediterranean shores.


RES4Med promotes the deployment of large-scale and decentralized renewable energy (RE) solutions in Southern-Mediterranean markets to meet local energy needs for growth. Since 2012, RES4Med gathers a network of international leaders from across the clean energy value chain and supports the creation of an enabling environment for RE investments and strategic partnerships. RES4Med functions as a bridge between members and partners of emerging markets for an exchange of perspectives and expertise.

The “upside down” perspective is the “trademark” of RES4Med’s approach, that reverses the old paradigm of consistent export of energy to Europe for projects bankability.

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