Seminar 2018 Nairobi

Executive Seminar
What does it take?

Nairobi, Kenya - July 4th 2018

Following previous activities in Kenya, RES4Africa lead the Executive Seminar requested by the Ministry of Energy of Kenya.

Kenya's Ministry of Energy is in the process of moving from the Feed In Tariff Framework to the Energy Auction Framework. A taskforce has been established to evaluate the approved projects which are at different stages of progress as well as assess and give recommendations on the transition of the same to energy auction.
The seminar focused on the critical steps for preparation of international tenders, including documents and procedures. It will also provide international benchmarks which will be useful to better understand best practices in the sector and develop competitive auction programs in the country.

These changes in policy mechanisms can unlock the great renewable energy potential of Kenya and simultaneously, enhancing international competition, lower the price of electricity for the final consumers.

The participation of the upper management of the Ministry of Energy and the high-level representatives of public companies involved in the energy sector such as KPLC, KETRACO, KenGen and ERC was essential to spread the knowledge about auction programs and to facilitate the tendering processes in the months to come.