The South Africa Programme


The South Africa programme outlines an Energy Transition Roadmap to drive the country’s decarbonization process and renewable energy transition.

South Africa's energy context

South Africa is the largest electricity market in Africa, accounting for half of SSA installed capacity. Despite the successful initiation of a renewable energy transition, today South Africa’s power sector is experiencing some difficulties.

Following the economic crisis, electricity demand growth has been weak and negatively influenced by frequent supply shortages, rising tariffs and lower energy intensity.

A generation mix growing older and poor plant performances reduced reliability of supply, while the debate on the optimal energy mix and electricity market restructuring led to an impasse in adding new generation capacity.

The country's economy, already severely stressed by the economic crisis is highly dependent on the extraction and export of coal.

"Exploring South Africa's Energy Transition Roadmap" programme

South Africa carries great opportunities for the large scale deployment of renewable energy. The South Africa programme outlines an Energy Transition Roadmap, that will be carried out in partnership with South African stakeholders.

Decarbonization Study

Just Energy Transition Study

Independent Transmission Company Scenario Study

Localization of RES Sites Study

To identify 2030-2050 emission scenarios resulting from the 2019 IRP and consequent policy recommendations to achieve the objectives of the NDCs (National Determined Contributions) To analyse lessons learnt from European countries, adapting them to the South African context. Furthermore, the study will analyse the possibilities of re-training workers from the coal sector. To analyse the restructuring of transmission within ESKOM as a separate entity to foster RES. To analyse different locations for the scale up of RES, taking into consideration resource availability and grid connection constraints.