Who We Are

 Africa’s evolving energy context

Today, African countries, their governments, business communities and citizens recognize that universal access to sustainable energy is a foundation pillar for sustainable growth and healthy development to ensure a future and legacy for generations to come. Renewable technologies are for African countries a crucial solution to leapfrog towards cleaner energy systems, as well as a strategy for greater sustainability. The use of the abundant and diverse renewable energy sources they have been blessed with, can provide a reliable, secure and competitive answers to electrifying urban, peri-urban and rural Africa where hundreds of millions of Africans still lack access to electricity, and power the growing African businesses community by provide the means for productive uses of energy.

Africa has a tremendous opportunity to develop its vast renewable energy resources so as to contribute to the continent’s resilient, prosperous and sustainable development. To accelerate the energy transition and expand energy access in the continent calls for stronger, sustained and concerted efforts between public and private actors to attract private investments and technological transfers at a much higher scale than has so far been achieved.

In particular, there is an urge to:

  • Increase market readiness and market confidence through additional market reforms;
  • Expand private and policy dialogues paired with capacity building and technical assistance;
  • Embrace private investment de-risking measures and the effective deployment of diverse tailor-made, one-stop financial development instruments;
  • Implementing innovative business models able to bring development impact at scale in support of an energy transition;
  • Enhanced, action-oriented alliances between African Regional governments’ institutions and international private sector actors.


RES4Africa Foundation’s key principles

The RES4Africa Foundation’s mission is to create an enabling environment for renewable energy investments in African countries to meet local energy needs. Renewable energy is fundamental for Africa to achieve its inclusive and sustainable development. As a private sector and member-driven organization, the RES4Africa Foundation functions as a bridge between its members and partners for an exchange of perspectives, initiatives and expertise.


Key activities

The RES4Africa Foundation functions as a lever for change: it contributes to creating the policy and regulatory environments necessary to expand sustainable access to renewable energy in Africa. The foundation works to foster energy demand, and help shape new strategic initiatives to accelerate investments in the RE sector.

The RES4Africa Foundation operates through three workstreams:

  • Pillar 1. From goals to policy: Promote policy dialogue and deliver advisory services to countries on what it takes to enable RE investment;
  • Pillar 2. From policy to action: Spearhead strategic initiatives to catalyze innovative market solutions;
  • Pillar 3. From action to skills: Build capacity to empower people, create business, and transform institutions.

The RES4Africa Foundation remains committed to deepening and expanding its key characteristics, namely:

  • Technology-neutrality, bilateral and multilateral approach;
  • Agile, multistakeholder, flexible and member-driven operational model;
  • Transparency & openness of its products and knowledge;
  • Neutral platform for public-private dialogue and cooperation.



The RES4Africa Foundation gathers a network of members from across the RE value chain including industries, agencies, utilities, manufacturers, financing institutions, consultancies, legal and technical services providers, research institutes, and academia. The added value of being a member-driven association lies in the fact that the network gathers broad renewable energy public-private sector perspectives and expertise.