RES4Africa aims to create an enabling environment for renewable energy investments in Sub-Saharan African countries by:

Acting as a connecting platform for dialogue & strategic partnerships between members and partners to exchange perspectives and foster cooperation;

Providing technical support & market intelligence through dedicated studies and recommendations based on members’ know-how to advance RE markets;

Leading capacity building, training and innovation efforts based on members’ expertise to enable skills and knowledge transfer that support long-term RE market creation;

These 3 strategic work streams focus on the most relevant themes, from financing and business models, to policy and regulation, socio-economic development and technical feasibility, innovation and sustainability.

RES4Africa is at the forefront of initiating dialogue and connecting stakeholders to enable an exchange of perspectives and pave the way for strategic cooperation initiatives. The association functions as a platform for dialogue to build bridges between members and partners to support renewable energy investments in Sub-Saharan African countries and establish multi-stakeholder networks. Flagship activities include the RES4Africa Program launches and other dedicated events.
RES4Africa promotes the acceleration of renewable energy solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa by sharing members’ expertise and know-how with partners and stakeholders through technical assistance and market insights on key technical, policy and business issues.
RES4Africa supports the development of new job markets in renewables by conducting capacity building, training and innovation activities tailored to specific audiences based on members’ expertise and know-how.
RES4Africa also seeks to support the growth of Africa’s entrepreneurial sector working on innovative solutions to local development challenges by including a strong focus on the scaling up of innovation in Africa.